Private Sessions with Tiziana

Private sessions with Tiziana are a rare opportunity to experience the Adorata process of Descent and Enlovenment in the deep psyche under the guidance of the creator of this work herself.

A commitment to ongoing weekly sessions is required for this process to be effective and for the positive results to be permanent. However, clients retain full control of the number of sessions they want to do.

Sessions are held by phone from anywhere in the world.

Each session includes two parts. After the first intake session, half of each subsequent session is dedicated to analyzing the shifts that the client has felt as a result of the previous session. This includes delving into a deeper understanding of the issues to be addressed, particularly from the framework of harmonizing the client masculine and feminine nature, practical recommendations to establish healthier behavioral patterns, and to create wiser attitudes while providing emotional support.

The second half of the session is dedicated to the process of Descent and Enlovenment.

This is an inner-directed method of entering the world of the deep psyche in a safe and loving way and create a relationship with the fragmented aspects of the inner masculine and inner feminine that are undeveloped, immature, or wounded and destructive. This method is not intrusive but focused on listening, letting the development of these aspects happen at an organic natural pace, and the right use of the healing power of love, both human and divine.

Through the Descent and Enlovenment, the incomplete aspects of your inner masculine and feminine can mature, heal, and integrate into your healthy core self. At this stage of the process, you restructure your psyche and will no longer suffer the impulses to behave in a self-defeating way. You will then be able to respond to whatever life brings you in a compassionate, empowered, productive, and serene way.

Sessions with Tiziana are one hour in length and cost $180.

Please use the contact button to share you contact info with Tiziana, and she will call you personally.

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