The Descent & Enlovement Process

The Descent is the process through which we transform the shadow of our deep psyche.

In The Sacred Lovers Within, we do not ignore or suppress our negative impulses and destructive patterns. Instead, we move our attention downward and inward, bringing our consciousness into the deep psyche where fragmented aspects of our unhealed inner male and inner female reside. We listen to these wounded aspects of our inner male and inner female on their own terms, we mature them, and we develop them by infusing them with love through the process of Enlovement.

Enlovement has three meanings:

First, Enlovement is an alchemical process through which we transmute the shadow into the radiant love that is contained at the core of all things. This practice of receiving, sustaining, and radiating divine love is essential to The Sacred Lovers Within.

Second, Enlovement refers to the path of embodying the sixteen Divine Virtues through a series of daily practices of enlovement. Learn more about these mystical practices called “Adorata” on the About Adorata page.

The third meaning of enlovement is the future of human evolution, in which the human being becomes more capable of embodying love. In this way, the Path of Enlovement is not transcendental, because its purpose is to transform ourselves and our world through the devoted application of love.

As negative patterns are resolved through the Descent and Enlovement Process, they liberate the very qualities, talents, and power that were trapped within them, which then become available to us as the expression of our true, authentic Self.

It is important to emphasize that the Descent and Enlovement Process is not psychology, therapy, or counseling, but a spiritual discipline. It is a unique process of spiritual healing that ultimately catalyzes a connection between the numinous unconscious of the spirit and the deep unconscious of the soul—the marriage of spirit and soul.

If you are interested in experiencing the Descent and Enlovement Process for yourself, CLICK HERE to learn more about private sessions with Tiziana.

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