What Is Adorata?

Adorata is a body of mystical teachings that lead us to establish the Sacred Union of the Divine Father and Divine Mother within us. It is the mystical aspect of The Sacred Lovers Within.

Adorata is the result of two years of direct communications between Tiziana DellaRovere and Divine Mother, who presented Herself to Tiziana in the embodiment of Mother Mary in the tradition of mystical Christianity. 

These teachings are dedicated to healing the heart of humanity through the practices of sixteen Divine Virtues that establish a direct, personal relationship with the love of Divine Mother.

Adorata is practiced through the study of and devotion to these Divine Virtues as articulated in Adorata: The Path of Enlovement (volumes I and II) and The Adorata Codes of Love (volumes I and II), and by contemplating the Adorata Sacred Madonna cards. Through the Divine Virtues, we embody the love of Divine Mother in our human selves, and we create a life that is more serene, empowered, and loving.

In Adorata, a person’s conduct is not regulated by rigid rules, but by the gradual liberation of an inner love that expresses itself spontaneously through devotion, loyalty to our Essential Self, and service to the world. In this way, one’s inner growth and service to the outer world continuously enhance and reinforce one another.

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