About Adorata

Adorata is a body of teachings that integrates the spiritual with the psychological by bringing divine love into the wounds of the deep psyche through the restoration of fragmented personal and collective archetypes. Adorata is dedicated to healing the heart of humanity through the application of love, wisdom, and the harmonization of the masculine and feminine principles within the psyche.

The teachings of Adorata are practiced in two ways:

  • One way is through the study and application of the sixteen Divine Virtues which are articulated in the four Adorata books, and also are taught in depth through courses and teleseminars. The Divine Virtues are transformative stepping stones to embodying the love of the sacred feminine in harmony with the sacred masculine.
  • The second aspect of the Adorata teachings is a one-on-one process led by a certified practitioner. It is called the process of Descent and Enlovement, a groundbreaking methodology designed to restructure the personal archetypes of the deep psyche by healing and maturing the fragmented aspects of the inner male and inner female within the psyche of the individual. It is lead by certified practitioners who have completed a five-year, in-depth training in the Adorata methodologies.

Adorata’s service to humanity is a natural outpouring of the love that is cultivated internally through the Path of Enlovement. In Adorata, a person’s conduct is not regulated by rigid rules, but by the gradual liberation of an inner love that expresses itself spontaneously through service to the world. In this way, one’s inner growth and service to the outer world continuously enhance and reinforce one another.

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