The Adorata Embodiment of Love

Embodiment instead of Transcendence

The Adorata teachings, practices, and powerful methodologies shift our aspirations from the transcendence of Enlightenment to the grounded embodiment of Enlovement, embracing our existence on earth as sacred and finding the Divine in matter as Divine Mother, just as we have traditionally found the Divine in spirit as Divine Father.

Instead of ascending and leaving behind the physical world and the limitations of our humanity, the spirituality of Adorata teaches us to descend into the deepest layers of our being and courageously transform the aspects of our psyche that are locked in regressed stages of development and have contracted away from love.

The spiritual journey of Adorata is not reaching toward the light, but toward the embodiment of love. As our organism is empowered to receive, sustain, and radiate an ever-greater flow of divine love, we transform ourselves and the world in which we live.

This spirituality of embodied love is attained through potent and precise practices of harmonizing and aligning the two fundamental aspects of our nature: the inner masculine and the inner feminine.

This harmonious collaboration opens us to directly connect with the innermost Divine Presence within us, the Source of Infinite Love, which overflows through us, expressing our divine nature here on this earth and in the course of our physical life.

This profound spiritual path is revealed in the Tiziana’s book Adorata: The Path of Enlovement, which outlines progressive stages of the embodying love through the contemplation and practice of sixteen Divine Virtues.

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