The Adorata Meditation

The Adorata Meditation is the loving union of polarities within the shrine of the human body. It brings the earth into harmony with the sky, the Mother into harmony with the Father, the physical into harmony with the spiritual, and the human into harmony with the Divine. By bringing the Divine in matter and the Divine in spirit into loving union inside the hallowed ground of the human body, the Adorata Meditation embodies the very essence of the Adorata Path of Enlovement. In Adorata, all layers of the human being are holy, from the physical to the spiritual, from the soul to the psyche, from the head to the toes and from the masculine to the feminine.

The Adorata Meditation is available in the form of an audio course which details the many ways that the Adorata Meditation works on the energetic centers of the body which affects you psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The Adorata Meditation is not an activity of the mind, but a meditation of the body and the heart. It is a simple yet remarkably powerful way to create an instant connection with the Presence of God within, which brings clarity to your mind by calming obsessive thinking, a direct experience of the love of the Mother simply because you exist, and an acute awareness of your spiritual dimensions.

The deeper more mystical aspect of the Adorata Meditation is the creation of Sacred Union in the heart and in the heart of every cell of the body, which ignites the process of the divinization of our human Self. Therefore, this meditation is the most essential component of the Path of Enlovement, and can be practiced in every situation from everyday challenges to the most highly sophisticated practice of spiritual evolution.

The Adorata Meditation Audio Course

The Adorata Meditation: A Course in the Practice of Embodying Love and Uniting the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in the Heart is a complete 3-disc audio course and guided practice of the Adorata Meditation.

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