The Sixteen Divine Virtues of Adorata

T he sixteen Divine Virtues are the stepping stones of the Path of Enlovement and the foundation of all our devotional practices. In Adorata, the study and practice of the Virtues is not merely an intellectual activity, but a sensual and mystical experience of embodying sixteen fundamental aspects of the love of Divine Mother.

As revealed in the rich poetry and powerful prose of Tiziana DellaRovere’s sacred text, Adorata: The Path of Enlovement, the sixteen Virtues provide an incremental sequence that begins with the awareness of the innate Purity of our core self, and leads us to the Radiance of the Sacred Union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within our hearts.

By practicing the Divine Virtues through daily devotions, reflections, and prayers of initiation, we transform ourselves into the expression of our true Divine Essence, and we become capable of sustaining and radiating an ever increasing flow of Divine Love.

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