Unite your inner masculine and feminine to create a life of peace, power, and purpose

Beginning February 11, 2016

Are you looking for a radically new approach to create a more successful, meaningful, and happier life?

Harmony Within

Harmony Without

Go beyond gender roles and stereotypes to harmonize your unique inner feminine and inner masculine to feel whole, empowered, and loved from within.

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Is any of this true for you?

  • Do you wonder why you end up in relationships with partners who on the surface seem nice, but then turn out to be angry or unavailable?
  • Do you tend to work so hard that you don’t take good care of your body, diet, and exercise, and you neglect the needs of your intimate relationships?
  • Do people accuse you of being too bossy and aggressive when you speak your truth?
  • Do you tend to be the responsible one in your intimate relationships, the one who provides the most and then ends up feeling overworked and taken advantage of?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck in painful, draining situations because you try to give too much?
  • Do you feel alone and disconnected at times?
  • Are you puzzled because—in spite of your talents and your attractive qualities—you’re not in a fulfilling relationship?
  • Do you have a self-critical, judgmental voice inside you that discourages you from pursuing your soul’s desires and dreams?
  • Is it hard for you to stay disciplined, on time, organized, and finish the projects you start?
  • Do you have creative ideas and talents to improve your life and make a difference in the world, but your projects keep falling apart before they reach full fruition?
  • Do you long for a deeper spiritual connection so that you feel loved from within?

If you can relate to any of these struggles and it feels like they’re beyond your control, then take heart…

You can change your life by embracing a new perspective:

The source of your struggle is not your relationship, your boss, or your bad luck.

All of these problems are an external manifestation of a deeper conflict between the masculine and feminine within you. By harmonizing and bringing them into collaboration, you can finally experience the powerful, loving, and fulfilling life that is your birthright.

“I’ve worked in the fields of spirituality, psychology, and self-help for decades, and this is one of the most powerful and transformative programs I’ve ever encountered. People search their entire lives for the kind of total healing that Tiziana offers. She’s an extraordinary expert in the sacred union between the masculine and feminine within and how that affects our lives on every level. Her methods offer you essential keys to dramatically improve your relationships, your health and body image, your career, and your spiritual fulfillment. This has wonderfully changed my life, and I recommend it to everybody I know!”

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times Best Selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

tiziana3A personal invitation from Tiziana

This course is my gift to you. It's the result of healing myself from the pain and trauma of childhood physical and emotional abuse. I then went on to successfully apply the psycho-spiritual healing method that I had discovered on thousands of clients over the past 35 years—and saw them achieve radical transformations, tremendous healing, and deeply fulfilling lives. That’s how The Sacred Lovers Within came to be.

This incredible opportunity to create love and harmony within yourself is now available to you in this online course. During this course, you'll develop a deep, inner serenity as you connect with the strongest, most sacred source of love inside yourself. Once you connect with this source, you can begin sharing it with everyone you come in contact with.

I want this transformation for you, because I know you've been looking for the keys to create the kind of wholeness within yourself which, in turn, creates loving relationships, gives meaning to your life, and makes you feel connected, safe, and cared for in the world.

This is a profound course that explores deep issues, addresses emotional problems, and gives solutions that are both practical and spiritual, revealing a new path to make peace both with yourself and every part of your life. I look forward to walking this path together with you each step of the way.


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The Six Modules

1. Discovering your Sacred Lovers Within

  • Find out what your inner masculine and inner feminine are and how they’re different from the roles imposed by society on men and women.
  • Learn about the two types of inner masculine and the two types of inner feminine and their unique strengths and challenges.
  • Discover which inner masculine/feminine types you have and how to draw from their strengths and transform their weaknesses into your personal power.
  • Take practical steps to harvest the power, love, and wisdom of your Sacred Lovers Within to create what you desire most in your daily life.

2. Mastering Self-Love

  • Discover what it means to truly love yourself and how your Sacred Lovers Within can help you to feel vital and whole within yourself.
  • Understand how a disharmony between your inner masculine & feminine can create weight problems, food and other addictions, and poor body image—and what to do about it.
  • Learn how the collaboration between your Sacred Lovers Within gives you self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to set healthy boundaries.
  • Create practical strategies to deal with overwhelm by developing a healthy rhythm of rest and work and by balancing giving to others with caring for yourself.

3. Creating Fulfilling Relationships

  • Discover how the source of imbalanced, unhealthy relationships is a disharmony between the masculine & feminine within each person, and how to balance and heal it.
  • Learn how you can attract the right partner for you (should you desire one) by healing any disconnection and conflict between your inner masculine and your inner feminine.
  • Find out how the Sacred Lovers Within can enhance your eroticism with your partner or dissipate your chemistry and what you can do about it.
  • Explore the bliss and the challenges for couples based on their unique combinations of inner masculine/feminine types.
  • Understand the distortion of your inner feminine caused by society.
  • Discover how the power of your feminine can heal all wounds you have around loving and being loved.

4. Living your Purpose and Mission

  • Understand the difference between your mission and your purpose in life.
  • Find out how your inner feminine will naturally lead you to your true path and calling.
  • Stop patterns of procrastinations and self-sabotage that undermine your career.
  • Discover how your inner masculine can give you the confidence to bring out your talents into the world through proactive and assertive action.
  • Understand the distortions of your inner masculine caused by society.
  • Learn how the potency of your inner masculine can give you structure, support, discipline, and protection while still maintaining your compassion and respect for others.

5. Healing Emotional Pain through a New Spirituality

  • Learn how the infusion of Divine love can heal emotional pain, anxiety, and stuck patterns.
  • Find peace in your life by maturing the wounded aspects of your unconscious.
  • Reclaim the feminine aspect of the Divine and heal the patriarchal split between spirit and earth to feel nurtured, accepted, and safe.
  • Experience the Divine inside you as well as all around you to feel a sense of belonging, self-sovereignty, and a source of love from within.
  • Experience a sense of belonging, self-sovereignty, and a source of love by connecting with the Divine within you as well as all around you.
  • Why we have come to the End of the Age of Enlightenment and what age we are approaching next.

6. The Next Step: Embodying Sacred Union

  • How to call forth the Sacred Masculine to empower and bless your inner male.
  • How to invoke the Sacred Feminine to bless and nurture your inner female.
  • How to bring your Sacred Masculine and Feminine into union within your heart.
  • Explore how the union of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine can make you a happier, more loving, and more fulfilled person.
  • Claim the power of the Sacred Union within you to embody your fullest self and receive divine abundance.
  • Embody a new, more evolved model of what the true masculine and feminine are, and let that new masculine and feminine bless and inspire all of your interactions.
  • Discover how becoming a more whole, loving, and empowered person leads to a life of meaning as you contribute to making the world a better place.

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A Six Week Course

  • 6 live weekly calls
  • Live Q & A and laser coaching
  • All calls recorded for you to keep
  • Special Bonus call
  • Bonus: Meditation Audio Course
  • Join a loving, supportive, community

With a balanced inner masculine and feminine, you will…

  • Develop deep, unwavering inner strength.
  • Feel more powerful in the world — without losing the compassion of your feminine side.
  • Be able to set healthy boundaries with people.
  • Explore the deepest aspects of yourself and your partner to take your relationship to the next level of intimacy and harmony.
  • Create an easier, more ordered life so you have time to care for yourself.
  • Manifest a new kind of relationship where you are deeply loved and understood so that you never feel alone in the world again.
  • Know how to transform your repetitive self-defeating patterns into strength and personal power.
  • Learn to connect with a powerful source of love, inspiration, and fulfillment to create a more passionate, meaningful, and satisfying life.
  • Experience a new kind of spirituality that integrates the body, the emotions and the soul.
“Tiziana’s work is the beacon that guided me through the darkest, most painful years to rebuild a stronger, healthier, more loving life. This is about practical tools that we can use in real-life situations. This is precisely the antidote, the healing, the knowledge, and the power to turn ourselves and our world back into a state of harmony, grace, and love.”

Cynthia Bauman
Producer, Counselor

“Before I worked with Tiziana, I had a weak sense of self, and I could not even identify my real needs, much less get them met. My life is now completely changed. I am stronger, more self-assured, and self-confident, and I’m not afraid to take care of my needs.”

Hannah Grace

“Tiziana DeRovere is an incredible gift to this world. Forged through decades of experience and insight, her courses articulate the truths our hearts already know, in ways that offer the deepest of healing for us as individuals, as well as for all humanity.”

Donnie Maclurcan, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Post Growth Institute

“Since working with Tiziana, I experience the joy of feeling connected with my true nature. I feel more capable and more comfortable and more accepting of myself. I follow my own wisdom and delight in each choice I make. For the first time, I feel welcomed here on earth!”

Mary Staffa, Ph.D.

“The Sacred Lovers Within has given me peace with my husband, compassion toward myself, and a sense of relaxation in how I approach life. This is absolutely the most powerful process I’ve come across for healing. What a gift to the world!”

Jodine Turner, Ph.D.
Author, Goddess of the Stars and the Sea

“I would never have become who I am today without the work with Tiziana with the Inner Feminine and the Masculine. I am more productive, more creative, more grounded, more effective, and more emotionally stable than ever. I am now the man I always envisioned myself to be.”

Ethan Gans-Morse
Counselor, Composer

“Since working with my inner feminine and masculine, my heart is bigger for myself and bigger for other people. I now have a solid structure which doesn’t rely on artificial mental constructs, but comes from the inner strength of the heart. Before I never even knew what I was feeling. Now, I’m writing poetry!”

Marshal Mueller

“Tiziana’s work doesn’t just talk about the union of the masculine and the feminine. It gives you a direct experience of it inside yourself and tools that let you live it. It’s about recognizing the beauty of our own beings, the grace of our lives, the splendor of the divine spark within us. It’s about being held in the love of the Mother as we venture forth and live our lives.”

Alissa Lukara
Author, Riding Grace
President of ‘Life Challenges’

“Tiziana’s teachings have helped me to move from my head into my heart, and from my mind into my feeling nature. It has deeply transformed me. People experience me as a more authentic and multifaceted person. That has been a tremendous gift.”

Richard Gordon
Metaphysical Teacher

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Because we’re so sure that The Sacred Lovers Within will have a positive and beneficial effect on your life, we’re offering the following guarantee: If by the end of your first 30 days in the program, you don’t think it is worth your investment, simply let us know and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund—and you keep any gifts, bonuses and downloads that you’ve already received.

Session dates

All sessions run 5:30-7:30 pm pacific standard time

Recordings will be available the day after each call

  • Week 1: Thursday, February 11, 2016
  • Week 2: Thursday, February 18, 2016
  • Week 3: Thursday, February 25, 2016
  • Week 4: Thursday, March 3, 2016
  • Week 5: Thursday, March 10, 2016
  • Week 6: Thursday, March 17, 2016

One additional bonus call will take place during these six weeks (time TBA)

Questions? Call 541-778-1211 or email info@thesacredloverswithin.com

Join this life-changing live online course

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