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Beginning January 12, 2021

Learn to embody the wisdom, love, and strength of Divine Mother in this new series of 5-week courses

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During these times of change and turmoil, we need Divine Mother to guide us from within, comfort us, and give us love. This course will teach you how to create a personal relationship with Divine Mother, to trust your innate goodness, to bring her serenity and wisdom into your life, and to learn to receive the abundance that life offers you daily. As you bring her presence into your heart, you will create a happier life for yourself and a more loving world around you.

This course is for you if…

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed, and you seek a state of inner peace and stability.
  • You feel isolated and you long for a personal spiritual connection with the unconditional love of Divine Mother.
  • You spend most of your daily life in the action-driven masculine mode and want to get to know and develop your feminine nature that is still nurturing, and receptive to your inner guidance.
  • You’ve suffered past trauma or abuse and you want to complete your healing through Divine Mother’s love.
  • You have a hard time receiving and you want to learn to open to the gifts that life offers you and to the abundance of Divine Mother.
  • You give to the point of exhaustion, and struggle with self-critical thoughts, and you want to develop stronger self-esteem and learn to stay true to yourself.

While this course will mostly consist of women, men are welcome to join since both men and women have the Sacred Feminine within them.

The world needs Divine Mother’s love more than ever.  

In this course you will explore a devotional path of initiation into the heart of Divine Mother. Through the application of the practical teachings of Adorata, you will cultivate the qualities essential of the Divine Feminine so they become an integrated part of your daily life. 

In the Adorata teaching, we call these qualities the Adorata Virtues. This course, (part one of a four-part series) will explore the virtues of Purity, Serenity, Wisdom, and Abundance. I offer it to women, men, and people of any gender because the Divine Feminine is an essential part of everybody. 

This Adorata course will teach you how to nurture those Inner feminine qualities through practical teachings, devotional practices, and emotional healing. 

    As you follow the five modules of the course, the Adorata Virtues will lead you:

    • to feel deeply and personally connected with the presence of Divine Mother in your daily life in tangible ways. 
    • to embrace your life with a more serene heart, a clearer mind, and to feel more at peace with yourself. 
    • to a state of Union of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine within yourself that will give you the ability to be in touch with the inner-guidance of your soul and the healing power of Divine Mother’s love while maintaining a life that is efficient, disciplined and successful in the outer world. 
    • to learn to love, appreciate and champion yourself so that you can fulfill your life purpose from a consciousness of generosity, giving and respect for others.  

    The Five Modules

    Week 1: Preparation

    The  Adorata Meditation and the Process of Enlovenment

    • Words of welcome from the heart of Divine Mother.
    • How to create a sacred space in your home and an inner sanctuary in your heart to nurture yourself and connect with what is sacred.
    • How the Divine Mother’s Virtues are a force of healing to better your life and feel loved from within.
    • The characteristics of your inner male and inner female when they are in balance and when they are not.
    • The Adorata meditation of Sacred Union.
    • Enlovement: the practice of healing and transformation through love.

    Week 2: The Virtue of Purity

    Learning to Love Yourself and Know your Worth

    • Purity intended as the state of your innate goodness at the core of your being.
    • How the Virtue of Purity can heal you from the trauma of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.
    • Practicing Purity to strengthen your self-esteem.
    • How to re-mothering yourself with Divine Mother. Learning to love yourself and develop the ability to receive love without fear.
    • A radical novel approach to the process of forgiveness.
    • Initiation into the Virtue of Purity.
    • Two contemplations and two simple practices to apply during the week.

    Week 3: The Virtue of  Serenity

    Finding Peace in the Midst of the Storm

    • How you can maintain Serenity while you undergo rapid changes and you witness suffering.
    • Understanding the shadow within you and of the collective shadow in the world and how to face it with calm Serenity and the courage of love.
    • How to transform the shadow by aligning yourself with the love of Divine Mother. The practice of infusing love into the depth of the shadow to transform it into a healthy expression of self.
    • Crystallizations in the deep psyche. What are they? Their magnetic power of drawing to you the same frustrating experiences, and their projective power of interpreting reality from their distorted lenses.
    • How to transform your frozen patterns through the process of Enlovenment.
    • How by transforming your personal shadow you can heal the shadow of your lineage and the intergenerational traumas through the power of applied love.
    • Finding your purpose in life and understanding the difference between your purpose in life and your mission in life.
    • How to achieve Serenity by harmonizing the sacred masculine with the sacred feminine within you.
    • Initiation into the Virtue of Serenity.
    • Two contemplations and two simple practices of the Virtue of Serenity you can apply during the week.

    Week 4: The Virtue of  Wisdom

    Knowing your Path

    • Wisdom as the truth of your heart.
    • How you can trust your true feelings to guide you from within and how they differ from your emotions and your thoughts.
    • How you cultivate wisdom through your ability to be compassionate.
    • Transforming obsessive thoughts and emotions through Divine Love.
    • How to distinguish the false cravings of your conditioning from the true wants and deep desires that are the inner guidance of your soul.
    • The practice of making the wise decision when faced with important choices and conflicting emotions.
    • Finding your true path in life, your purpose and your life mission.
    • Two contemplations and two simple practices of the Virtue of Wisdom.

    Week 5. The Virtue of  Abundance

    The Art of Receiving

    • Learning to perceive the Abundance that always surrounds you as the love of Divine Mother manifested as both physical and spiritual gifts.
    • The body and the earth as equally divine as the spirit and the heavens.
    • Overcoming the conditioning that the body is impure, and the spirit is superior.
    • The consciousness of lack as refusal to receive Abundance and how to overcome it.
    • Abundance, both physical and spiritual, as the natural flow of life and your birthright.
    • How to open to the flow of Abundance that is offered specifically for you instead of coveting other’s and feel neglected.
    • How to activate the receptive ability of your inner female to harvest the fruit of your labor instead of working harder and faster.
    • How success disconnected from the love of the Divine Mother induces fear, insatiable addiction to accumulating power and money, and continuous external validation.
    • Abundance as love given and received. How you can create a fulfilling life by receiving the riches that nourish you and then being at service to others.
    • Two contemplations and two simple practices of the Virtue of Abundance.

    A Five Week Course

    • 5 live weekly calls
    • Live Q & A and personal coaching
    • All calls recorded for you to keep
    • Bonus: eBook and mp3 version of Adorata books and CD’s
    • Join a loving, supportive community

    Join this life-changing live online course

    Reserve Your Spot Today!

    “I’ve worked in the fields of spirituality, psychology, and self-help for decades, and this is one of the most powerful and transformative programs I’ve ever encountered. People search their entire lives for the kind of total healing that Tiziana offers. She’s an extraordinary expert in the sacred union between the masculine and feminine within and how that affects our lives on every level. Her methods offer you essential keys to dramatically improve your relationships, your health and body image, your career, and your spiritual fulfillment. This has wonderfully changed my life, and I recommend it to everybody I know!”

    Marci Shimoff

    #1 NY Times Best Selling author of Happy for No Reason
    and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

    Join this life-changing live online course

    Reserve Your Spot Today!

    “Tiziana’s work is the beacon that guided me through the darkest, most painful years to rebuild a stronger, healthier, more loving life. This is about practical tools that we can use in real-life situations. This is precisely the antidote, the healing, the knowledge, and the power to turn ourselves and our world back into a state of harmony, grace, and love.”

    Cynthia Bauman
    Producer, Counselor

    “Before I worked with Tiziana, I had a weak sense of self, and I could not even identify my real needs, much less get them met. My life is now completely changed. I am stronger, more self-assured, and self-confident, and I’m not afraid to take care of my needs.”

    Hannah Grace

    “Tiziana DeRovere is an incredible gift to this world. Forged through decades of experience and insight, her courses articulate the truths our hearts already know, in ways that offer the deepest of healing for us as individuals, as well as for all humanity.”

    Donnie Maclurcan, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, Post Growth Institute

    “Since working with Tiziana, I experience the joy of feeling connected with my true nature. I feel more capable and more comfortable and more accepting of myself. I follow my own wisdom and delight in each choice I make. For the first time, I feel welcomed here on earth!”

    Mary Staffa, Ph.D.

    “The Sacred Lovers Within has given me peace with my husband, compassion toward myself, and a sense of relaxation in how I approach life. This is absolutely the most powerful process I’ve come across for healing. What a gift to the world!”

    Jodine Turner, Ph.D.
    Author, Goddess of the Stars and the Sea

    “I would never have become who I am today without the work with Tiziana with the Inner Feminine and the Masculine. I am more productive, more creative, more grounded, more effective, and more emotionally stable than ever. I am now the man I always envisioned myself to be.”

    Ethan Gans-Morse
    Counselor, Composer

    “Since working with my inner feminine and masculine, my heart is bigger for myself and bigger for other people. I now have a solid structure which doesn’t rely on artificial mental constructs, but comes from the inner strength of the heart. Before I never even knew what I was feeling. Now, I’m writing poetry!”

    Marshal Mueller

    “Tiziana’s work doesn’t just talk about the union of the masculine and the feminine. It gives you a direct experience of it inside yourself and tools that let you live it. It’s about recognizing the beauty of our own beings, the grace of our lives, the splendor of the divine spark within us. It’s about being held in the love of the Mother as we venture forth and live our lives.”

    Alissa Lukara
    Author, Riding Grace
    President of ‘Life Challenges’

    “Tiziana’s teachings have helped me to move from my head into my heart, and from my mind into my feeling nature. It has deeply transformed me. People experience me as a more authentic and multifaceted person. That has been a tremendous gift.”

    Richard Gordon
    Metaphysical Teacher

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